Dongguan Happy Gift Co., Ltd

Dongguan Happy Gift Co., Ltd. is a branch company of group company that started with military products. Originally we’re devoted to metal and embroidery craft arts, especially for custom products, with our development and the supports of our customers who are willing to let us take charge of more Items that even is not in our production line.



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we're not only a manufacturer who just take responsible of production

but also a service-oriented assistant.


  • Charity Wristbands

    People like to wear wristbands

    Charity fundraising is a movement aimed at raising funds for non-profit organizations, such as impoverished people in underdeveloped areas, vulnerable groups in need of assistance, such as women, children, the elderly, orphans, and families of critically ill patients. Then, if you want to increas...

  • Night glow Silicon wristband

    Why are luminous silicone bracelets so popular?

    Night glow wristband is a silicone wristband with luminescent powder that can emit light at night. It is made by mixing luminescent powder into organic silicon raw materials in a certain proportion. This is a green and environmentally friendly material, without toxicity or radioactive elements. T...

  • Custom Silicone Wristbands

    Family Silicone Wristbands

    For the healthy growth of children, it is necessary to establish a good relationship between parents and children. Parent-child activities can effectively improve the relationship between children and parents, and in this case, parent-child products always play an important role, adding more poin...

  • T.jpg

    Choose wedding commemorative coins as gifts

    Custom Wedding Coins are so popular because they are unique and full of memory. Choosing a satisfactory coin will make the wedding more wonderful. It would be meaningful to customize and then collect your own custom wedding coins. What Kind of Custom Wedding Coins Do You Like? Custom wedding co...

  • CustomDesignProductsE

    Back from our CNY holiday now!

    Good news that we’re back from our CNY holiday now!

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